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Are you concerned about the technical challenges of the future? Then start thinking about tomorrow’s solutions today. As a leading specialist in drive technology, we can put you right on track! With VARIOLUTION® packages from SEW-EURODRIVE, you are opting for scalable drive solutions that ensure success for your application. These can be adapted to perfectly match the requirements of the specific industry.

VARIOLUTION® packages from SEW-EURODRIVE are especially useful for mechanical and system engineers with solutions optimized for many applications. System designers profit from SEW-EURODRIVE’s years of experience and expertise in designing drive solutions. The perfectly bundled scalable VARIOLUTION® packages give you software modules tailored to the application and the drive technology used. You also receive a functional guarantee. Additionally, the VARIOLUTION® packages contain optimized order and delivery processes, as well as package-specific documentation and component identification.

The possibility of combining the components and technology functions of the VARIOLUTION® packages in a scalable manner allows for a high degree of flexibility. We offer you predefined industry-specific drive solutions. They are configured individually  to meet your specific requirements. These solutions make for a simpler, more cost-effective design.

The innovative services and added value of the VARIOLUTION® packages increase process efficiency. This is especially evident in the areas of purchasing, goods receipt, logistics, and assembly. Call us. Our experts are happy to advise you.

VARIOLUTION®-packages. Overview over the scalable drive solutions

Conveyor Line

VARIOLUTION® conveyor line package

The VARIOLUTION® conveyor line package: the perfect solution for ensuring efficient flow of materials in all systems. Whether using a control cabinet or decentralized technology, the unique characteristics of the VARIOLUTION® package allow you to significantly reduce your operating costs. For conveyor lines in particular, modular design is vital for reducing the number of variants. Conveyor lines are used to connect various processes.

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VARIOLUTION® packing/unpacking unit package

The special features of the VARIOLUTION® packing and unpacking unit package: smooth and dynamic movements. These offer major advantages when, for example, the handling systems have to transfer bottles from the bottle table to crates or trays. The software components integrated into the VARIOLUTION® package provide these properties while ensuring high-precision product positioning. The VARIOLUTION® packing/unpacking unit package enables flexible movements during transportation of products without putting excess strain on the machinery.

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Packing Unit Transport

VARIOLUTION® Packing Unit Transport Package

The VARIOLUTION® Packing Unit Transport Package: the perfect solution for transporting empty bottles, packaging units and pallets. The special components reduce the cost of system planning and simplify installation.

The MOVIGEAR mechatronic drive system® is the most energy-efficient drive in its class. The innovative MOVIGEAR® technology creates efficient solutions for roll, belt or chain conveyor segments. Furthermore, it enables you to reduce your energy consumption by up to 50%. 

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Corner Transfer Unit

VARIOLUTION® corner transfer unit package

The VARIOLUTION® corner transfer unit package provides innovative drive components, often with decentralized and sequential drive control. Its unique technical characteristics make it possible to implement more cost-efficient system planning for corner transfer units and rotary tables.

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Item Transport

VARIOLUTION® item transport package

The VARIOLUTION® item transport package: the perfect solution for up to 10 connected belt or chain conveyor segments in the wet areas of bottling plants. The components are specifically optimized for systems with high hygiene requirements.

The VARIOLUTION® item transport package takes into account the particular requirements for the transport of various containers in bottling plants. Furthermore, its decentralized concept makes installation quick, simple and efficient, allowing you to profit from the high availability of the system.

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Vertical Conveyor

VARIOLUTION® vertical conveyor package

The VARIOLUTION® vertical conveyor package provides you with an optimized drive solution for lifting applications in conveyor systems. The package’s unique characteristics make system planning more cost and time-efficient.Vertical conveyors are used to connect various processes. Depending on the environmental conditions and the size of the system, a control cabinet or decentralized technology is required. The loads to be transported also play a decisive role when selecting a drive concept.

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Storage/ Retrieval System

VARIOLUTION® storage/retrieval system package

The VARIOLUTION® storage/retrieval system package meets all of the requirements for drive technology used in modern warehouses. The package’s unique characteristics make system planning more cost and time-efficient.

Storage/retrieval systems are used in small-parts or pallet warehouses. These kinds of warehouses not only vary based on the kind of load carrier used, but also based on the load to be transported. The desired number of double cycles per hour and the dimensions of the warehouse are also decisive. With the VARIOLUTION® storage/retrieval system package, you can meet all of these requirements individually.

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Scissor Lift Table

VARIOLUTION® scissor lift table package

The VARIOLUTION® scissor lift table package meets the drive technology requirements of modern lifting devices. This package’s unique characteristics help you to plan systems faster and more cost-effectively. The VARIOLUTION® scissor lift table features drive solutions with control cabinet technology or decentralized technology depending on your application.

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VARIOLUTION® FFS machine package

The VARIOLUTION® FFS machine package has flexible functions to meet numerous requirements. Its unique benefits make it possible to implement more cost-efficient system planning. And what’s more: You benefit from optimal drive solutions.

FFS machines vary in mounting position and design depending on the products to be packaged. With the VARIOLUTION® FFS machine, the standards can be easily adjusted to fit your system, allowing you to increase efficiency without any difficulty.

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bridge crane package

VARIOLUTION® bridge crane package

The variants of the VARIOLUTION® bridge crane package meet a host of demands for your system: Whether for large, small, manual or automated bridge, overhead or wall traveling cranes.

Choose the drive and control concept most suited to your purpose from the multitude of variants. This will help you to plan systems faster and more cost-effectively. Contact us. We are happy to advise you.

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